Monday, 23 December 2013

Seo tips : Do not fall on these dirty tricks of SEO

Copy paste not become a member of the club
Or rather , through their own, others ' content, do not pass it around . Google is perfect in detecting plagiarism and that should stop the cheaters too .
Your inspirational quotes , press releases and are safe to re -purpose , other things are posted , so it's okay . As long as you cite your sources are . A theory for the wise - do not copy . You find someone using original material , so it is a great idea for Google to know . In the future you possibly can store a massive headache .

'Robot' is not your best friend

Your robot say? People automatically write content for you? You actually have these machines? Yes, yes and yes. Seeing a piece of content and by rearranging a few words here and there to go about their business by 'robot' work. Plot for a bad sci-FI movie looks like.

Rehashing material for purposes of your employment against an AI make sure to adopt zero tolerance policy. They compared 404 error to your SEO rankings do more damage. Not for robots.

'Cloaking' Scam
Some websites cloaking technology by employing a deceptive attempt to trick Google and you both .
Cloaking is just - you just want your phone to sell Chinese knockoffs that will be redirected to a web site , a web site about Star Wars want to go . This allows you to cringe at your screen in disbelief enough . It 's a tasteless way of your web site to get cataloged by Googlebots . A simple rule underbelly of the internet for some random web traffic and redirects traffic sites with regard to the dilemma is not for use .
Harry Potter and cloaking sure to work with a secret identity out just about every super hero . But for Google SEO cloaking methods are not happy with the job .

Packing is not a virus or malware
Hi , this is the 21st century . Kazaa world and all that is wise after the event moved from the dirt . It has taught us anything , it captured and compromised computer for emails is not a good day .
Here's a bright idea . A virus , Trojan , uncle fester , or havoc that has been designed to ruin any other malicious code that your web site content distribution . Google says shut down faster as you see 'Whaa?
Some ideas are a no brainer . This is one of them . Your website visitors to Helen of Troy, Google or any of today's sophisticated netizens do not get any brownie points .

The text is invisible ?
Form the basis of SEO keywords . The more keywords you have , the better your PageRank .
Or so the story goes .
Some people on your website , as well as irrelevant keywords related things tend . They thus rendering them invisible to the naked eye , with the background color , text color by matching hide irrelevant keywords . Sometimes they even re- shaped in a bid to avoid detection of microscopic proportions text.
It's downright suspicious , it also negatively affects your search ranking is not only . Beautiful Eagle Eye Web sites that use Google to catch up with the ' hidden text. '
That 's for now . Posts in the near future Stay tuned for more helpful SEO .

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