Monday, 23 December 2013

Seo tips : Do not fall on these dirty tricks of SEO

Copy paste not become a member of the club
Or rather , through their own, others ' content, do not pass it around . Google is perfect in detecting plagiarism and that should stop the cheaters too .
Your inspirational quotes , press releases and are safe to re -purpose , other things are posted , so it's okay . As long as you cite your sources are . A theory for the wise - do not copy . You find someone using original material , so it is a great idea for Google to know . In the future you possibly can store a massive headache .

'Robot' is not your best friend

Your robot say? People automatically write content for you? You actually have these machines? Yes, yes and yes. Seeing a piece of content and by rearranging a few words here and there to go about their business by 'robot' work. Plot for a bad sci-FI movie looks like.

Rehashing material for purposes of your employment against an AI make sure to adopt zero tolerance policy. They compared 404 error to your SEO rankings do more damage. Not for robots.

'Cloaking' Scam
Some websites cloaking technology by employing a deceptive attempt to trick Google and you both .
Cloaking is just - you just want your phone to sell Chinese knockoffs that will be redirected to a web site , a web site about Star Wars want to go . This allows you to cringe at your screen in disbelief enough . It 's a tasteless way of your web site to get cataloged by Googlebots . A simple rule underbelly of the internet for some random web traffic and redirects traffic sites with regard to the dilemma is not for use .
Harry Potter and cloaking sure to work with a secret identity out just about every super hero . But for Google SEO cloaking methods are not happy with the job .

Packing is not a virus or malware
Hi , this is the 21st century . Kazaa world and all that is wise after the event moved from the dirt . It has taught us anything , it captured and compromised computer for emails is not a good day .
Here's a bright idea . A virus , Trojan , uncle fester , or havoc that has been designed to ruin any other malicious code that your web site content distribution . Google says shut down faster as you see 'Whaa?
Some ideas are a no brainer . This is one of them . Your website visitors to Helen of Troy, Google or any of today's sophisticated netizens do not get any brownie points .

The text is invisible ?
Form the basis of SEO keywords . The more keywords you have , the better your PageRank .
Or so the story goes .
Some people on your website , as well as irrelevant keywords related things tend . They thus rendering them invisible to the naked eye , with the background color , text color by matching hide irrelevant keywords . Sometimes they even re- shaped in a bid to avoid detection of microscopic proportions text.
It's downright suspicious , it also negatively affects your search ranking is not only . Beautiful Eagle Eye Web sites that use Google to catch up with the ' hidden text. '
That 's for now . Posts in the near future Stay tuned for more helpful SEO .
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

how to give Promotion to your Ptc Site / Blog

Social Media: returning to your site for your readers / visitors is the best way to keep up . Twitter / Facebook or online account ( fan pages) open . You put something on your website whenever , as well as your Facebook / Twitter pages updated . Some of your readers on your site like this once again will find a way .
PTC Forum : PTC talks about some active forum . For the time being there and then try to put your 2 cents . The others will feel your existence as you sign your posts or leave a link to your site . Able to read your posts , some one read your posts and agree with him sooner or later you will visit . These forums are collecting evidence of any payment the same way , so put your referral link . If there is no keyboard for PTC sites , to represent you , because it sure would help .
Traffic exchange : I found it very effective way to be involved in it. A traffic exchange website reveals different sites and site awards reward you with credits , you promote your website link and you get the same answer from others in order to you can use credit . Constantly , and they know you and your website will learn . The other thing in mind, you will memorize .
SEO: Search engine optimization is very effective but at how it actually works is taught . At least you do it your way and be smart enough to get benifits , SEO needs to learn not to be a high-tech smart . If you are using Blogger , upload your images , set your posts for labels and ALT to establish title to your habbit . If you are on WordPress , then you meta tags , headings , keyword set will help focus some SEO plugins get . SEO is a long term process . Bring quality traffic to your website or blog 're looking for but it 's better than nothing .
Keywords: Your post / pages try to make best keywords for the title . "Neobux a Scam " or "buxp legit here? " Like others before yourself in the reviews to learn to type these words , I want to add a site . Very effective use of keywords . Necessary habbit.
Stats Checker : Your blog / web site is to get a data checker . You know what is coming and where it will help . About your website traffic update . Flagcounter Histats or check.
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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

SEO Hot Topics in 2013

SEO is a hotter topic than ever in 2013 . With the competition between enterprises online , get a page of search engine optimization to drive through the high ranking on Google is huge, and keep up with the latest in the world of SEO is very important for success . The world of SEO the last few years have brought about many changes in 2013 will be different . Changes close again , and putting one's head to prepare for these changes and your page without falling behind the competitors , will ensure that it remains classified . None of these changes have been implemented yet , the coming year are forecast to be seen .
The importance of the linked pages is going to increase dramatically . Good , solid links that help improve the rankings are supposed to , without any good links that have the best rating sites are very well established . Use the links to those sites that provide no real user locations , and this method is going down quickly . Preparation and content just by connecting your page you can find the best online related resources , maintain your rankings and possibly make them better able to will be .
A landing page 's main character will begin to be a popular topic . Google has sparked a lot of interest as a user to a landing page that measure the amount of time spent . 2 minutes from the landing page , the " Users want to read this page that has some good information " for more than a specified amount of time talking to customers to keep going create a landing page will help your ranking . Some Google users instantly as a negative , the search engine results page, make sure that your page looks rant . Visitors , according to Google , the next result, you are so quick to leave the page , to offer you and your ranking will go down should not be anything good .
+1' Ed a page , it will be watched over by Google , so it would go up higher on search engines . If you do not already own a web page to include Google +1' ed page of the game is a great way to get ahead . Every time you create a new post , share it . This will help improve data , as well as for sharing your page will encourage viewers to your website .
Sometime within the first quarter is predicted to be a major update form Google , is also expected .for companies who are genuine will see some big improvements .
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Monday, 9 December 2013

Old black hat SEO tricks to avoid

Black hat SEO to get better search rankings can employ deceptive tactics all means . Google's algorithm is much better , as is becoming harder to game the system . Nowadays, employing any of these methods to recover your ranking with an expensive clean-up operation you will land .
Black hat SEO is very important to understand . You 're looking after your site will know what to avoid and you are outsourcing your SEO to a third party to find out what will be revealed . Any good to you by an agency , then this is your Web site can cause major problems .

Hidden keywords Reading
Looking a bit like the Wild West was a decade ago , all sorts of shady stuff quickly in an effort to win is . With Google relies heavily on keywords , meta- tags , filling in terms of the target was a joint strategy .
Site owners as the meaning of text blocks on the page same color or a large blank space on the right bottom of the page by putting it under either full of keywords will hide from the crowds . Google their website for the keywords that will give a big tick , but human visitors you will not look spammy easy task .

If you run a web site very much , now you need to avoid it by will know that after the Google Panda update duplicate content has been written about and spoken . But back in the early days of search , a ranking penalty without the need to worry about too many pages can build a web site .
There is a valid reason for it , even if nowadays though , any recurrence , avoiding the need to . Your best bet for every one of your pages is of course to create unique content . Google is trying to pull a fast one when it is not failing , you should use a list or canonical tags .
Article submission
It's the same for a group of article directories article submission by you to build links is very easy to use . The problem of course with the sole purpose of hosting articles popping up more and more sites was due . In most cases , simple links to these sites solely for the user and there was a terrible experience .
Google's Panda and Penguin updates squished This tactic had elements of both . Based on some of the sites as appropriate publishing platform has been restarted , others are killed off . Find someone in your business , you do not want to contact them .
Link to poor neighborhoods
The clock is ticking and your Google Maybe you can take traffic off a night of "bad neighborhoods, " says links to help a credit rating is speaking , you do not need . A large part of the Penguin update was manipulated was about zapping links .
This is a very large tent and the Penguin is still on the prowl , but, buy sell links using link farms or for consumers that offer little or no value to any sites that are definitely to be avoided . The same goes for anchor text . Your anchor text a keyword to a high proportion of heavy , you most brand with links to balance out or it will raise a red flag will want .
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Thursday, 5 December 2013

They are Tools or Tricks ? SEO and other web marketing techniques

Inbound marketing , content marketing , search engine optimization , coined these terms are just some old tricks .
Google GOOG -0.19 % away , -0.49 % FB Facebook , and Twitter fit , but especially Google , a handful of platform power when changing frogs into princes .
Especially the way Google does with other Google on the Internet because of ties everything together .
Facebook has a billion users , and to sell advertising for interesting bits of content that can plumb the water heater , but in the end , it's only a narrow slice of life . Not everything on the Internet is on Facebook .
And Twitter are small , and so on. With 200 million users , Twitter is less piece represents . Interestingly , hardly enough to the world of online marketing to drive though .
Imagine the entire internet rate - billions of pages - Founder , employees , shareholders and Google , of course , but also those who are able to reach selected for advertisers - only by the importance one idea is to give viewers and , yes , even for everyday tasks monetizers for web use and source of income to those poor unfortunate , for money obtained .
It's true . Users receive real value in exchange for attention . Google's model is what makes it so powerful . It 's not a magic trick . The real math. Microsoft MSFT -2,91% What does math like Google trying to replicate has spent billions of dollars is so tantalizing . Many others have tried and failed : Yahoo YHOO +1,7%, AOL, High Vista .
PageRank - Google Google is a powerful search engine based on the start and the pilot fish in 15 years , only a smidgen of the rich harvest to siphon , the whale has swum around . One ten thousandth of a percent more than their wildest dreams to get rich enough , will be fine .

And mathematicians as well , charlatans playing a number of systems means hawking every kind , has managed to get out in the field . An imaginative one was recently highlighted in the New York Times . Mugshot of the site and the local sheriff's departments, photo capture and republish . Due to this , human nature, and the nature of work in the way PageRank , these sites rank high in those related pages rose. So , anyone guilty or not , Googling their names on the first page of any reference mugshot see whether misfortune to be captured .
Technology and a whole little cottage industry sprang up around the confluence of human nature . mugshot website operators take down shots sometimes exorbitant fees , forcing people to pay . But , as Google does , then it taketh away . The Times uncovered from the first page of Google sites' rankings to push , to replace some of the math . These extortionist to stop paying - American Express AXP +0.25%, +0.86 % MA Mastercard , PayPal , Discover , and others - it is also the most important cause of payment processors . So , the reporter , David Segal , the New York Times good .
But the blow is waiting for every trick or hundreds of others are in operation . And all are illegal or immoral completely . Fall into a gray area .
Content marketing is one of those in the east .as you fret hour payments to participants who did not play wildly happy . Shakespeare as the minimum age at which it moves , relies on a simple piece of human psychology . People assess their own opinion about something helps others to see. Nobody wants to be just stupid clapping . I hear whistles out your front row , as she says , and foot stomping, you think , "Actually , now I think this show is very good . " Very powerful stuff.
This content marketers set up fan sites that all point to your page . They often created based on the traffic , fake cheap , or materials borrowed on your website , and you must love the internet search engine appears . Of course , as in any arms race , Google sniffing activity and content marketing sites down the rankings , at least most try to reduce violations , content marketers in response to math is tweaked . But advising people on the subject and support pages to set a good living , there are plenty of charlatans .
Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way to game the system rather than a polite term . The idea that some words and phrases on a web page that will rise in the rankings . With the content of your page , and will increase your visibility on the Internet . Of course , there is more to it than that . Aside from Google and SEO mavens cat and mouse game played between , its dynamic aspect . Fresh content is better than stale content , and on page SEO is accomplice to changing needs . Again , SEO is a large cadre of experts are ready to help for a fee .
So, here is my question : In the Internet age , all marketing is hogwash ? Everyone is trying to outsmart Google ?
It depends on the quality of the products because I like the concept of inbound marketing inbound marketing comes in. This is where .

So , what inbound marketing means ? It is closely related to viral marketing , people eventually spread everywhere , together with a very good idea takes off by himself to believe that .
And then , charlatans others like it will buy T-shirts to show off some hiring good-looking youth , trying to game the system , enter .
Product is fine but at the bottom , will only work on the inbound . Effectively, the Internet is a wild idea to give him a chance to make a fantastic channel , but the content buzz justifiable only if the virus spreads .
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Pay-per-click advertising are wasting your money

Click the Campaigns valuable traffic drivers, but they do not work half the time they can be a lot more consideration. My company paid clicks to hold their non-branded landing pages bounce rate of 55% indicates that research. Google Analytics reports and KISSmetrics new visitors paid search clicks, 62.9% of the time bouncing from 10% to 90% range with the put.

What these numbers show that only about half of the clicks they attract new visitors to actually drive the conversion . That's why every marketing dollar is equal to .55 away . It should be paid clicks that are more effective and efficient that it is not a good idea , but does not say .
Mosul , according to an SEO platform , across all channels , only 2.5 % of visitors to the average online conversion rate . Conversion from Traffic paid search marketers maximize resources , often their biggest investment in digital line item needs to be . Exact match or broad match : paid search , there are two ways to Bid .
She chose the most paid search marketers , depending on how large -scale and profits are forced to choose between the means . Exact match profitability offer a broader scale down, and you chose the exact keyword matches so it can win . Broad match offers great scale , but it is not valid because it is less profitable , which , among other materials .
For example , a keyword such as "Gold Link Earrings " , a combination of gold link earrings exposure is associated with a landing page , the client is likely to encourage the conversion of a is exact . A broad match terms on your " Golden Earrings " bought but , "Gold Link Earrings ", " gold hoop earrings " and "gold and silver earrings " may or may not be a simple gold earrings can lead to landing page look for the link , HOPE , or gold and silver properties. Customers is likely that they were looking for , especially gold earrings do not find the link , and leave your page . To add insult to injury , you actually link your gold earrings are available on the website but it is not part of your landing page , because the opportunity is wasted .
Click play that started with a complete marketing when finally landing a relevant matters . Relevant landing page , select your keywords strategically bidding on those keywords , and by writing compelling ad copy is created . Once these items are addressed , it is hard Big Data science requires intent and product catalogs , search by adapting to maximize the relevance of the landing page is required . This science very large , distributed , and unstructured data sets and algorithms for handling data management refers to techniques . Hadoop, IBM , and MarkLogic otherwise feel different set of patterns in the data that the Big Data infrastructure companies .
Data quality of web content was 90 % in the last two years is in fact . Volume there again (per Month Product information changes about 40% ) to change , is growing rapidly because people never found that a tremendous amount of material , and many undiscovered content-rich pages that leaves a browsing hierarchy is developed . Landing pages are basically right on the page and crawlers that guide users in and out without many links are buried deep in a site . This requires manually and ad groups for each product relevant landing pages is not cost effective to make the play , there are less pages .
Big Data technology users understand the difference between the intent of the bridges , and ultimately provides the most relevant results . As a result , Big Data applications, data -driven online marketing and are looking to change the landscape - both paid and natural - more effectively than ever before .
Out of Analytics and deeds - in essence , Big Data Apps turn data into something more useful . Analyzes are useful and should guide the strategy , but often , a business analytics functions by time , trends have shifted . Users of these applications in order to realize the benefits immediately is tendency to react to the large data applications . Ask them to answer questions on a paid search ad click educated , interested customers is more important than maximizing conversions . Big Data applications companies more effectively connect customers with products to help companies and their advertising dollars to do with paid search alone , she 'll go .
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Making Your Website A Customer Attraction

Your site to the major search engine spiders ' tastes should be optimized . Search engine optimization customers find your business related things search engines like Google , the list of results from your website , put it ensures . How to increase your SEO Continue reading to find out .
Write your keywords as a user to remember to think . Using the computer when people are using the search terms or phrases usually find out.
Google and Yahoo local listings for free on your website is to improve the visibility of your website is an important step to take . Provide you with this free publicity and traffic you can promote and presence . Avoid places to use for publicity rejection .
Such as blogs , press releases , directory submissions , and article writing as links to your website , which will help to consider all of the techniques . Creating solid incoming links to your site in one of the many important works of SEO .
Search engine optimization for your business to rank higher Orienting you to get more web traffic allows . It is a fact some businesses are not aware of .
Attracting new visitors and establishing relationships with them by increasing your pagerank . You have them as long as possible, you want to stay on site . Research an individual is a website that has the length of time that influences the PageRank of the site suggests. No amount of time spent on your site will affect your ranking . Message boards and forums coming back to your site is a good way to keep customers .
Your website through search engine optimization to get better ranking BBB or Chamber of Commerce for a good way is to sign up with . This usually is done automatically connect you with local search because it helps you . Your Better Business Bureau rating is positive then the people will have confidence in your business and products .
Images on your site for search engines to improve , always with a relevant description "ALT" tag fill. They see the images on your website has chosen not to reveal the Alt Tags to visitors . The ALT tag read and indexed by search engines , so putting keywords helps improve rankings , are there .
Your search engine optimization to maximize the performance of your server header check takes time . Server headers are not set up correctly , the chances of success considerably less . You get to go somewhere and are going to try , you just need 200 or 301 should be permanently moved .
Posting surveys or games to your website to reach your target audience is a great way . Survey their requirements to find the best product by potential customers is a great way to engage . Their interests and ask questions about shopping habits . People will enjoy them and you know who your customers will enjoy .
There 's a lot to search engine optimization , but as was stated earlier in the article , your website gets the business it deserves to ensure that it is absolutely necessary . You start to get more customers and make more profit , so as soon as possible , to apply these techniques to your website to make sure .
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